AP Router 7.x (and others) License Generator v2.4.1

November 6, 2007

AP Router 7.x (and other firmwares) License Generator v2.4.1


ChangeLog (2.4.1):

– WAP Pro 5 licenses were broken. Now it’s fixed (hopefully :P)

ChangeLog (2.4):

– Now generating licenses for WAP Pro 5! Happy new year! ­čśë

ChangeLog (2.3):

– Now featuring the “Full” license file for APRouter 7.x firmwares

– Old APRouter 7.x license is now called “Partial” license

ChangeLog (2.1):

– APLicGen 2.0 was generating invalid licenses for AP Router firmwares. Now this is fixed and AP Router 6.1 and 7.x license files are now valid! Sorry for the inconvenience!

ChangeLog (2.0):

– APLicGen is not a Java application anymore. Now it’s a native Win32 application, which means you don’t have to bother with Java Runtime installation. It just runs out of the box!

– Added support to AP Router 7.x

APLicGen now generates licenses for the following firmwares:

– AP Router 6.1

– AP Router 7.x

– WAP Pro 3.6

– WAP Pro 4.1

– WAP Pro 5


WAP Pro 5 download:

It looks like WAP Pro 5 download links are now broken on its official site. You can download all editions of the original/unmodified WAP Pro 5 firmware here or here.

Update: WAP Pro 5 is available for download again in their website. They have changed the files so, probably, they have changed licensing scheme as well. To ensure that APLicGen licenses work with WAP Pro 5, don’t download from their website and use the link above instead (previous WAP Pro 5.0 version).

APLicGen API DLL + Full .Net 2.0 C# Project Source Code:

Download (for developers only)

APLicGen API DLL is a native Win32 Dynamic Linking Library module that can be used with *any* native Win32 compiler (C/C++, Delphi, etc..) as well as other non-native Win32 environments such as .Net Framework (by using PInvoke, for instance).

This sample project was built with MS Visual Studio 2008 Express (freeware). You can download it here!

APLicGen API DLL source code is not available currently. Sorry!

APLicGen x Virus?

Some people are complaining that APLicGen hides a trojan horse or a virus. You are wrong! In case you are still in doubt on it, I recommend Kaspersky Online Antivirus (Kaspersky was elected as the best anti virus engine according to virus.gr):


Now enjoy APLicGen and several firmwares on your wi-fi router! ­čśë